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These can be included on your own web site. Just Contact me (see menu).

Item 1 is updated every 15 seconds. It can have a plain background. (3 options available.)
Item 2 can have various texts giving weather conditions and is updated every 10 minutes.
A link must point back to 'www.pictonweather.nz' Thank you.

Copy and Paste the required line from '< to >' into your web page ....
1A. <a href="https://www.pictonweather.nz"><img src="https://www.pictonweather.nz/wxgraphic.php"></a>
1B. <a href="https://www.pictonweather.nz"><img src="https://www.pictonweather.nz/wxgraphic.php?type=banner"></a>
1C. <a href="https://www.pictonweather.nz"><img src="https://www.pictonweather.nz/wxgraphic.php?type=banner_big"></a>
2. <iframe src="https://www.pictonweather.nz/wxdata3.php" HEIGHT=80 WIDTH=800 frameborder="1"></iframe>