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FAQ and Help

Picton Weather Station is now active. Picton Weather came active on the 20 October 2015

Most of the info below is still active.

To all the Burwood Weather users, It has been a pleasure bringing the weather data to you.

Oct 26, 2013. New Web Cams.
I am in the process of updating the Web Cam. The first new cam is active. [cam_1.jpg]

Nov 15, 2012. New Weather Forecasts.
The weather forecast s now locally generated on my computer using WXSIM by Thomas J Ehrensperger. The forecast is updated six times a day.

The site is now fully iPad, etc friendly. The Live wx data page and the Lightning page changes depending on whether a pc or iPad, etc is used.

Lightning Data
As of 16 March 2012, Lightning Data is updated every 10 second giving close to live data during a storm.
If your computer can't show the live data (Java is required) then click on the 2 minute lightning page.
The maps can show lightning out to about 1000 km, but only reasonably accurate out to about 500 km.
The information on the lightning page should NOT be used for the protection of life or property

Live Data
The info in the top frame of the Home Page is now updated every 15 seconds


The 'Historical Data' menu. (CSV download.)
Here you can download CSV data to use for your own projects. Please add to your documents that the data you are using came from this site. Thanks. 

The weather pages work well with your IPAD.
Except for the Live Page. Flash Player is not available for the iPad.

Wide or Normal Screen
On the Menu go to Style Options and click "Widescreen ON | OFF" to select the view you want.

Weather Data on your Home Page
To display Burwood weather data on your Web page, just ask and I will send you the text to be added to your site.

The solar unit was added on 20 July 2010.

UV Index
The UVI unit was added on 6 August 2010.


I set up the Burwood weather station up in 2002, and am now using the Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station (and some 1-wire sensors from HobbyBoards) with Weather Display as the program. The data on the internet is taken from "Weather Display". The weather station is located in Burwood, Christchurch, NZ near the Travis Wetland. I have always been interested in weather like most people and was keen to see what happens over the long period. The data was soon made available to the internet where I now get thousands of hits per month with about 6000 visitors in one day of February 2011. People from most countries visit the site each month!

Over the years I have noted the difference in temperature and rain data from the Met data from the Chch airport. Burwood seems to be in a rain shadow from the Port Hills, which means that this area receives less rain than the west side of the city and often has a slightly higher temperture than the west side of the city.

The Burwood Weather Station closed down 1st November 2015